Whole Foods Says It Will Sue Pastor Who Accused Worker Of Icing Gay Slur On Cake

Whole Foods is fighting back against a lawsuit filed earlier this week by a pastor who accused a store worker of icing a homophobic slur on a cake. Read: Unisex Bathroom Sign at Supermarket is Making Some Shoppers Uncomfortable. Jordan Brown, who is …
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Presentation shows decline in air pollution

Those measures included banning open burns, banning coal burning, chemical de-icing, a street-scaping program and installing the gondola. Because a large amount of harmful particulate matter comes from combustion, such as automobile exhaust, …
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'I Could Not Keep Silent': HBO's 'Confirmation' Reexamines Anita Hill And

That night, Biden is shown in his office, icing a toothache with a cold can of Coca-Cola. Then he takes a swig. The symbolism, we are supposed to gather, is totally lost on him. So the weakness in Confirmation is not in the source material or in the …
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