First & Fast: The AIR 32 Rollout for T-Mobile, USA

2016-04-28 Categories: Case stories, Technology

Mobile operator T-Mobile used Ericsson AIR 32, Antenna Integrated Radio, to improve user experience in New York and Los Angeles, with 28% downlink throughput increase and 48% fewer dropped calls.

T-Mobile was the first company to deploy the AIR 21 in high volume across the US also allowing them to roll out LTE across their networks. In this latest customer success story, they tell us about the latest success and benefits they are experiencing from their first stage deployment of AIR 32.

Salim Kouidri, Senior Director, Engineering & Operations at T-mobile, says: “It has been an amazing experience for two reasons – one is the quality of the signal that we are getting, which is 2-3 dB better than what we used to have before. So we are looking at better capacity, which translates into better speeds.”

T-Mobile’s Chief Technology Officer, Neville Ray, continues: “A great early rollout – very promising results and it’s something that we intend to take forward with higher volumes as we move through 2016 and into 2017. And our partnership with Ericsson and continued upgrade of our products and programs is a big part of that future success.”

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