Ericsson Cloud SDN is now certified by Mirantis OpenStack

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Ericsson Cloud SDN Solution (built on OpenDaylight) is now certified and part of Mirantis Unlocked Partner program. The combined solution provides enhanced connectivity in order to enable Telco NFV deployment on OpenStack.

Today data-centers support a diverse set of application for Telco, IT and Enterprise. It is crucial for datacenter operators to make services and networks as responsive as possible to changing market conditions. The Ericsson Cloud SDN solution is a network virtualization approach built on OpenDaylight that brings agility to address diverse workloads, efficient operations through automation and speed especially for OpenStack deployments.

Ericsson Cloud SDN is now certified on Mirantis OpenStack and part of Mirantis UNLOCKED partner program. The solution brings automated and simplified deployment of the cloud infrastructure with the Ericsson Cloud SDN Fuel plugin. This plugin is already publicly available.

Cloud Administrator can now benefit from a validated and integrated OpenStack and Ericsson Cloud SDN solution bringing automation for deployment and simplicity for operations.

“Ericsson is a key driver for OpenDaylight development and Ericsson Cloud SDN solution (built on OpenDaylight) certified on Mirantis OpenStack is now available for larger market adoption” says Susan James, Head of Product Line NFV Infrastructure, Ericsson.

Ericsson and Mirantis have successfully been partnering around OpenStack based solutions for a couple of years. Mirantis OpenStack is for example included in Ericsson’s multi-VIM (virtual infrastructure manager) solution Cloud Execution Environment. It has been deployed commercially in a number of NFV networks.

“Mirantis welcomes Ericsson Cloud SDN solution in the UNLOCKED Partner Program as it brings to Mirantis a unique open-source based solution built on OpenDaylight with network virtualization capabilities for the high performance cloud deployments” says Boris Renski, Chief Marketing Officer, Mirantis.

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