AT&T prepaid to offer 8GB @ and Verizon to launch prepaid 10GB @

USA: This week began with good news for AT&T and Verizon customers because both major carriers announced offering of more data in their prepaid plans.


AT&T has announced to bump up free 4G data allowance in its prepaid plans, branded as GoPhone,  starting this Friday i.e. November 11, 2016.

The prepaid plan $ 60 which is currently offering 6GB data, has been increased at no charge to 8GB data per month. The prepaid plan $ 45 with currently offering of 3GB data has been increased to 4GB per month. If customer opt for autopay, they will continue to get the $ 5 autopay credit in both plans, so effective costing of  $ 55 or $ 40 per month, respectively.

These both plans also include Rollover Data i.e. unused data is carried over to use during the following one plan period. The $ 60 plan also offers additional features including unlimited talk, text, and data to and from Mexico and Canada.

In the previous week of this month, AT&T has also increased amount of data in its add-on options for these prepaid plans. Customers with $ 45 monthly plan now gets 1GB of additional data instead of 500MB by spending $ 10 more.

Verizon has also followed and announced launch of two new prepaid plans at $ 50 and $ 70 and will be available starting November 13, 2016. So now Verizon customers will be able to choose from four different prepaid plans for their smartphones.

New plans for $ 50 and $ 70 will offer 5GB and 10GB of 4G data respectively including unlimited talk and text in the US, mobile hotspot, Always-On Data (unlimited throttled data), and international messaging to 200+ countries. The additional feature with these plan is carry over Data (Rollover Data) by which customer would be able to use unused data in the following plan period.

The existing prepaid plans of Verizon for $ 60 and $ 45 offers 5GB and 2GB of high speed data but if customer opt for autopay, they get 1GB extra data in both plans hence finally customers able to get 6GB and 3GB  in these plans respectively.

Checkout the Simply prepaid plan of T-Mobile for $ 60 which also offer 10GB of data plus if customer spend $ 5 more, the plan is almost similar to Verizon’s $ 70 plan.

Competition among major carrier bring more joy to their customer in the form of increased free allowances.

But MVNOs are giving better options in comparison to these major carriers, like, Cricket wireless has bumped up free data allowance recently from 5GB to 8GB in its $ 50 plan. The H2O wireless is also running promotion of offering 1GB extra on all existing plan by which now customers of H2O wireless are availing 6GB and 7GB on $ 50 and $ 60 plans respectively.

PagePlus, a MVNO of Verizon has also added more data to its two most expensive plans and now the $ 55 ($ 50 with autopay) per month plan includes 8 GB of high speed data instead of 5 GB and the $ 69.95  ($ 64 with autopay) plan goes from 7 GB to 10 GB of high speed data.

MetroPCS, the prepaid brand of T-Mobile initiated offering more data in $ 50 plan segment and it offered 8GB of 4G data.

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