Evolving LTE to fit the 5G future

2017-01-31 Categories: Ericsson Technology Review, Technology

Operators have no reason to be concerned about the future of LTE in a 5G world – its upcoming releases (Rel-14 and Rel-15) are intended to deliver on the most important 5G requirements. They will include enhancements to user data rates and system capacity with FD-MIMO, improved support for unlicensed operations, and latency reduction in both control and user planes. LTE will also be modified to address new use cases such as massive machine type communication, critical communications and intelligent transport systems. Both LTE Rel-14 (scheduled for completion in March 2017) and the strong ambitions for LTE Rel-15 indicate that a smooth transition from LTE to 5G through 5G plug-ins is the best course of action.

Evolving LTE to fit the 5G future


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