Verizon takes on T-Mobile and Sprint with its new Unlimited plan

USA: America’s major carrier Verizon wireless has finally rides the bandwagon of “Unlimited” where other majors T-Mobile and Sprint and most of MVNOs are sailing through since long. Now the second largest carrier AT&T is left out from this race of Unlimited.

Starting today, Verizon has offered introductory plan for an attractive rate $ 80 for individual and costs $ 180 for a family of four members.

The below screenshot shows the pricing of Unlimited plan of Verizon which clearly indicates benefit for a family of four members whose total monthly bill would be $ 180 only.

The fine print of pricing shows bifurcation of $ 80 for one line which includes the access account fee $ 65 for individual and less$ 5 for auto pay plus $ 20 for line access fees. For two lines $ 140 includes access fee $ 110 for both line and less $ 10 for auto pay plus $ 40 for line access fees for both.

Other features of Verizon’s unlimited which differentiate it from others are as follows.

  • Fast LTE speed up to 22GB data usage
  • Mobile Hotspot with 10 GB of 4G LTE data is included at no charge (after 10 GB you’ll get 3G data speeds).
  • Unlimited calling from Canada and Mexico
  • Free 500MB data -per-day during roaming in Canada and Mexico
  • Travel Pass for $ 10 for a 500MB LTE per day ( 2G speed after 500MB) during roaming elsewhere in the world

Sprint has also promoting its limited period offer of 5 line family plan for $ 90 only that offers unlimited data usage to all lines. Actually first line costs $ 50 and second line costs $ 40 after that third, fourth and fifth lines are free. The pricing of Sprint also excludes other fees and taxes. Sprint allows 23GB usage with LTE speed after which download speed reduces.

But T-Mobile has absolute pricing that includes all taxes and fees and its unlimited plan costs $ 70 for individual line while two line costs $ 120 and five line costs $ 180. T-Mobile allows 28GB of data usage at LTE speed as contrast to Verizon’s 22GB.

As a comparison, it is clear that Verizon has come out with unlimited plan but it is still costly by $ 30 as compared to Sprint and by $ 10 as compared to T-Mobile. But Verizon’s unlimited plan allows to watch HD videos while T-Mobile and Sprint allows standard videos at 480p/DVD-quality video only.

Boost Mobile offers unlimited plan for $ 50 for individual line and $ 140 for a family of four members. iWireless, the MVNO of T-Mobile also offer unlimited plan for $ 50 with auto pay for individual lines.

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