T-Mobile and Sprint matched Unlimited plan with Verizon’s, added HD Video and 10GB Hotspot

USA: Soon after, Verizon launched its unlimited plan with 10 GB Hotspot data and HD video, both legends Mr Legere from T-Mobile and Marcelo Claure from Sprint announced same featured Unlimited plans matched with Verizon announced.

Sprint has offered same Unlimited plan even at half price of Verizon at just $ 22.50 for a family of four members. First of call, Customers need to sign up for Sprint’s Unlimited Talk, Text and Data plan with AutoPay for $ 50/month for first line and second line for just $ 40/month. Next two lines may be added free of cost so a family of four members costs just $ 90/month. All four lines will get upgraded automatically to HD-quality video plus 10GB mobile hotspot per line.

Mr Legere from T-Mobile responded immediately on Twitter and informed launching of two line unlimited plan for just $ 100 with same feature as of Verizon’s unlimited plan. Customer can also add third line and fourth line with T-Mobile and their total monthly bill would be $ 140/month and $ 160/month respectively. Here all prices of T-Mobile are inclusive of all fees and taxes while prices of Sprint and Verizon are excluded.

Here is the comparative chart for all three major carriers, now the difference is only the coverage you get at your locality.

  T-Mobile Verizon Sprint
1 line $ 70 $ 80 $ 50
2 lines $ 100 $ 140 $ 90
3 lines $ 140 $ 162 $ 90
4 lines $ 160 $ 180 $ 90
5 lines NA NA $ 90
Taxes/Fees included Yes No No
AutoPay required Yes Yes Yes
Throttling limit 28GB 22GB 23GB
Hotspot 10GB 10GB 10GB
HD video Yes (1080p) Yes (1080p) Yes (1080p)
Expiration No No Mar-31-2018
Roaming Unlimited service in Canada/Mexico, 2G data globally 500MB per day of 4G LTE roaming in Mexico and Canada Unlimited text and 2G data w/LTE GSM-capable device

Unfortunately, AT&T still have unlimited plan for its Direct-TV customers only.


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