US Cellular joins “Unlimited plan” bandwagon with single line plan

USA: After launching unlimited plan for their customer by all four major carriers of USA, the fifth largest carrier, US Cellular has joined the bandwagon and come out with almost similar featured unlimited data plan with slightly different prices.

Single line unlimited plan costs $ 60 per month while a family of four members costs total $ 160 i.e. per member plan costs just $ 40. Each customer gets unlimited voice, text and data usage with a cap at 22GB, after which download speed reduces. Customer can watch HD videos at standard definition speed.

The prices of US Cellular includes all fees and taxes as T-Mobile but it is cheaper $ 10. Although Sprint is the only carrier which offer cheapest single line unlimited plan for $ 50 but after adding all fees and taxes, it also costs approx $ 58 but for a family of four members, there is no match in respect of price as Sprint offers. It offers four lines for $ 90 but after including all fees and taxes it comes approx $ 125.

Choose your unlimited plan based on good coverage on your site.

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