PureTalk matches prepaid plan with T-Mobile but Cricket Wireless offers cheaper

USA: T-Mobile has recently revamped its prepaid plan by replacing its 8 different type of prepaid plans with just three types of new prepaid plans.

Here are the three new prepaid plans.

  • $ 45/month Simply Prepaid  which offers unlimited talk, text messaging and Data with first 4GB at high speed.
  • $ 55/month Simply Prepaid which offers unlimited talk, text messaging and Data with first 6GB at high speed.
  • $ 75/month T-Mobile ONE Prepaid which offers unlimited talk, text messaging and high speed data and some users may experience reduced speed after using 30GB due to prioritization.  Customer gets discount of $ 5, if they opts for auto pay.

After this telecom market shaking strategy, some other MVNOs have started offering new plans to grab new customers or retain their own existing customers. Like

PureTalk, a MVNO of AT&T have improved its its prepaid plan by offering more free data at high speed such as in $ 35, it is now offering 2.5GB data in place of 2GB data and customers of $ 50 plan are getting same 4GB data but at reduced price of $ 45.

AT&T’s MVNO, Cricket Wireless has also started offering its unlimited plan at reduced price from $ 70 to $ 60 or $ 55 if customer opts for auto-pay. The plan offers truly unlimited talk, text and data at high speed up to 22GB.

The competition among carriers will always good for the customers.


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